With the holidays lined up for the last quarter of the year, expenses and parties everywhere will also start happening. You got to make sure that you won’t miss anything, and that everything is in order from the buffet down to the backdrops.

Organizing a party is not that terrible at all. In fact, you can also make it look impressive without breaking the bank. Yes, that is possible. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on the decors and other stuff like photography backdrops. There’s still quite a number of affordable backdrops available in the market, even online.If you’d like to have Christmas backdrops on your Annual Party, just make sure that it will complement to any venue that your Company will choose. Or perhaps, find something that can be re-used for the next year.

Recently, I stumbled upon an online shop that sells and customizes backdrops for all occasions. The best part is that they’re on SALE! This is not your ordinary tarpaulin that can easily be torn. They use a wrinkle-free cloth. So it’s safe to say that it is still practical for a backdrop to cost you less than 50 bucks, just because you can use it all over again.

They come in different sizes and themes, which is perfect for changing locations, depending on how you want your background to look like. In the case of the above image, this is perfect when you are holding a family reunion with limited resources. You can just hold the party in the backyard, yet, you will still achieve that homey feeling once the photo shoot begins! Just place the backdrop in one part of the venue, and you’re all set!

Sure thing, you can DIY,  even for Company parties like using colored fabrics or some recycled household items, but if it will cost your time and effort, plus the fact that the Company has definitely allotted a budget on this, why worry? The same thing goes when you are organizing a Halloween Party in the neighborhood, you can just buy and save your time but make sure that the Halloween backdrops can be re-used for the next year.

I actually plan to purchase one for the Halloween so that the kids in my neighborhood (who participate in the Trick or Treat) can definitely feel and enjoy the Halloween.

I know what others might be thinking… why spend for backdrops when you can just take selfies at any spot of the venue? Simply because backdrops can help set the mood any where in any way. Remember, people take photos endlessly at any parties, so why not make memories at your best?


Mitch Carvalho

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