Let us say that you have fixed your wedding date and you are thinking of planning your own wedding party. You have decided not to engage a wedding planner since it will be a simple one. It can be an overwhelming experience especially when you have not planned a wedding party before. First, you wouldn’t know where to start or how to go about in getting things organized. Everyone has to start somewhere to gain experience. For a start, you can discuss the event with a family member or a friend who have had experiences. Two heads are always better than one.

Below are some of the important points to look into:

Anyone special to officiate your wedding. Book your officiant early.

Book your bridesmaids and order bridesmaid dresses.

First, write the budget target right on top of the page as a reminder to keep the expenditure within the budget.

List out the guest names you want to invite and the list should include your parents’ guests too. The list will keep changing as you progress in your planning, sometimes adding or subtracting names on the list.

Get a suitable venue to hold your wedding party. You can start your search for vintage party rentals Los Angeles if you are considering a vintage theme for your wedding. The location of the venue should be easily accessible and with plenty of places for parking. The size of the venue should be enough to accommodate the number of guests attending. Place early booking to avoid disappointment. 

Getting a professional photographer can be expensive, so if you can get your family members or friends to help out, so much the better.

Wedding Attire
Make appointment with a bridal gown shop or shop online for your vintage wedding dress. Make sure to order early to allow ample time for any alterations to be made on the dress.

Food Caterer
Search for a good food caterer and discuss the menu and the type of food you want to have for your wedding party.

Wedding Cake
Order your wedding cake ahead of time.

Door Gifts
Choose and order your door gifts and have them wrapped up.

Table and Chairs
Look around for dining table and chairs for rent. Book early if the rental is reasonable.

Some decoration to brighten up the venue.

If your budget permits, choose and book your honeymoon destination. If it is an oversea destination, make sure you book the flight tickets too.

Mitch Carvalho

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