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Your Help Would Be Much Appreciated

Just 3 days ago, we received an email from our college professor Sir Vic Cruz. Here it goes:

Dear friends,

I would like to call the attention of friends and former students of Pabs Fulgar with influential contacts at PCSO, Pagcor or any other charitable foundations who may be able to help out. I heard people receive regular monthly assistance from PCSO but with so many in need, knowing some people can help get preferential attention. If you don’t have the contacts, ask around and you might find someone who does.

I guess most of you are aware that Mr. Fulgar has to undergo dialysis regularly. I had the opportunity to visit him at the San Juan de Dios but that was the last time I saw him. I heard that his retirement pay was spent on hospitalization. The AUFEA held a fund raising for Pabs last year but with the cost of medication, that must have easily been used up. There must have been other assistance but it’s not difficult to imagine all these resources drying up. I understand that the wife has passed away and his children are the ones taking care of him. Delfin Jacob sent a message thru the IE group mail that the family is in need of financial assistance to keep up with medical expenses. We really have to reach those with deep pockets. Benjay Dennis R. Fulgar says that they were able to get some help from PCSO but I guess the red tape can be discouraging. As I said, you may know someone who can make things more efficient for the family of Pabs. If we are lucky, this will go a long way to alleviate the difficulties of the family.

Lastly, financial help from individuals are certainly welcome. And include Pabs in your prayers. Following are the contact details.

  • Residence 14 Garnet Road, Pilar Village, Almanza, Las Pinas City, 1750.
  • Home phone number is 632-802-4717.
  • Cell phone number is 639266476650

Kind regards,

Vic Cruz

Sir Fulgar is also one of our professors in college who needs financial assistance at this  moment. Your help in any way would be much appreciated. But at this moment we only have their contact details. Sending through PayPal would be the most convenient way or it’s up to you if you prefer to contact the family directly (see contact details above).

Those who would like to help through me, please material handling.

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