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26w 2d

I sure know nothing about auto accessories, but pregnancy matters? Tell me about it! Anyway, I had my prenatal check up yesterday, so far so good except that my baby is on a transverse position.

A transverse baby may be a temporary condition due to the positioning of the mother, or it could be due to other reasons. Common reasons for a transverse baby are multiple babies, low-lying placentas, small pelvic inlets, weak abdominal wall, and issues with the uterus or baby.

That is why I always feel her on my down left side only. She kicks a lot though but just on that side. Too early to tell but she’s got to be in the right position by next month, otherwise there’s a possibility that I’d have a CSection delivery. I don’t want that! Please!


Weight : 130 lbs
Fetus age : 26w 2d
Next check-up : December 6

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