5 Tips on How to Organize Your Perfect Wedding on Your Own

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Your wedding date is nearing, and you have looked through every bride magazine you can find, but you simply can’t find your style.

If you are looking for the perfectly “proper” wedding in a huge venue with media coverage, you need to hire a wedding coordinator, wedding planner, and a personal secretary to make it happen. But if you want a wedding that reflects your style of being fun, laid-back, and not freaked out by the occasional unexpected event, you are the perfect couple to save your dollars for the honeymoon and organize your own wedding.

This is your wedding. It doesn’t have to make anybody happy but you. With that said, on the day of the actual event, of it a good idea to hire a coordinator to review and watch for details. They will check seating charts, making sure everything has arrived and just overseeing the day so you can concentrate on you.

Weddings are a very personal experience. If you plan on having a huge wedding, destination wedding, or a wedding that is going to be an extremely formal event with media coverage, you probably should hire a wedding planner, coordinator, and a wedding venue that has all the supplies and contacts to make your fantasy wedding happen. However, for a traditional, beautiful, and personalized wedding, you can do it yourself.

Below, I will give you tips on what to do, to pull off your personal dream wedding.

Before we begin, let us point out that this is your wedding. It doesn’t have to look like any others you have seen. There are no rules. If you want it, do it. If anyone doesn’t like it, that’s not your problem.

Tips on organizing your perfect wedding

“Bonus Tip: If there is a dancer in your family, set up a platform for them to perform before the wedding march. This puts everyone in a romantic mood. Click here for a beautiful selection of costumes.

Set a budget and stick to it There are beautiful wedding gowns at great prices. There is a large selection of bridesmaid dresses for under $100. Since many brides are wearing colored gowns this year, you may consider one for the bridal gown.”

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Set-up your Honeyfund early and check it often. Honey funds are free wedding registries where your friends and family can gift you non-traditionally. They do this by shopping from your online source and pay (with no fees) with a credit or debit card. Instead of asking for a toaster oven, ask for an overnight stay at the hotel of your choice. Ask for a tour of the honeymoon site, or a private dinner on the beach. Ask for a romantic spa treatment. Keep your Honeyfund current. Make sure there are plenty of pictures.

If you decide to use a vendor for something like the setup of the venue. Ask for a discount if your wedding party does the takedown and returns the products to them.

Watch your time. If you have your wedding late in the evening, people expect a reception dinner. However, a wedding at 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM puts you between meal times. You can get by with finger foods, punch a punch or beer.

Ask your married friends, what they would change about their wedding? Experience is often the best teacher. One bride suggested having a wedding candy buffet instead of a wedding cake. It saves money, is much easier to put together, and there is less mess to clean up.

Speak to your friends. Barter your services. Maybe you have a friend who is a DJ and you design websites. That’s an easy way to get what you need and save money. Do you know a photographer who will give you a discount if you allow him to use his favorite shots of your wedding in his portfolio? There are lots of ways to save money if you think about it.

So, get your creativity flowing design the dream of your choice.

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