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I emceed a wedding!

If there’s one celebration that I think I’ll never get tired of attending is a wedding. I love weddings! In fact, my dream business is to cater wedding requirements that somehow my closest friends are already helping me achieved it, but with no charging fees! If ever this would happen, it will be in collaboration with a fulltone effects pedals Musicians friend, who is into a Music & Sound System business.

Anyway, last month, I attended and emceed a wedding for the first time together with my colleague, Jon. Thanks to Google for giving me tips on what to say and how to naturally do it, as if I have been doing it many times already. FYI, Jon & I emceed our Christmas Party, too, last year. That somehow helped, as we already knew how and when to take one’s turn.

Jon & I emceeing a wedding

While we waited at the Reception, I was really feeling nervous but somehow managed to run the show with confidence, and ended it still with smiles, but with hurting feet because of my 3-inch heels haha!

I just hope the newly weds did like the way it turned out. Oh! Here they are, Ais (Groom)  & Nami (Bride).

Ais & Nami

Nami’s mom is my colleague and friend, Ate Hazel, whom I made joke with before the wedding, that I’ll make sure she’d cry a river. Well, she did not and was able to carry herself when it was her turn to give her message. Or let me put it this way, she no longer have tears to drop for she already did a lot of times during the whole preparation. Now, this is a revelation! Who would not? She’s the Mother of the Bride! I’m sure every mother giving away your daughter to someone else is never an easy thing to accept in a snap!

What I did not expect was the emotions that Cookay had when I asked her to give her sister a message.

These two are not only sisters but friends. That’s why! But I’m certain that those are tears of happiness that finally her sister has also found.

Now, talk about the details of the wedding, I’m really glad everything went well from the photography service down to the smallest details. The food and venue were also great except for one minor thing “the restaurant has no enough water goblets!”  But if there’s one experience that I will always remember aside from being the master of the ceremony that day, was the solemnity of the ceremony itself and the INC chapel, where Ais & Nami exchanged vows.

Of course, weddings won’t be complete without the photo opps with the couple!

Here’s the serious one first:

Serious shot

And the wacky 0ne! Spot the best one!

Wacky shot

The last shot before leaving with my colleagues who also witnessed Ais & Nami’s big day, this time with the Parents of the Bride, in checkered polo, Kuya Johnny, who has been complaining that he was not comfortable wearing a suit and with red clutch, Ate Hazel.

Group shot

We all went with happy faces wishing the couple a happiest life with lots of love! To you Ais & Nami, an unsolicited advice, though this may seem like more of a fairy tale dialogue, I’d still say it “May you live happily ever after”. Always talk things over and do not sleep until unless everything is settled and sorted out between the “two” of you. Goodluck and best wishes!

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