A jejemonic conversation with Deye

I was going through Deye’s scribble notebook this morning and I saw this one. I smiled but wondered why in blue? I, then, asked her and as usual this little girl never runs out of an answer “Kunyari Mama you went to the parlor”. And why Mama’s pants got different colors? Again, she immediately came up to a very defensive answer “Style yan”. I told her “Jologs mo naman!” This time she asked me “What is jologs?” I answered laughing “Kapatid yun ng jejemons” Hahaha!

She stared at me as if she wanted to ask another question but before she did “I told her “Enough of questions, you will know soon. That’s why you should eat more para you will grow fast, then you’d know what these things are”.

Glad she stopped and said “O sige I will eat gulay” (though I know she won’t, I just agreed and wished she would so I could also discipline myself and start eating healthy foods. If that happens then maybe I won’t ever need to settle for a safe diet pill like an adipex without prescription. LOL! Ganda ng segway ko di ba? I made sense haha!

Jejemonic – undefined. I made it up! Jejeje!

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