A What?

Does the photo below look like a poop to you? To my daughter Deye, it is….

It’s actually this one….


Last night, she saw it tied on my hair. Pulled and threw it out to the floor and said “Ewwww, kaka!Kaka is a Hindi word of poop. Hahaha! Yup, she said ewwwww! I taught her that word. Hehehe!

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  1. hhahahaa.. I can just imagine how your daughter truly believed that it was poop she was seeing…

    We laughed to death when she said that! Gumagana na ang imagination nya hehe!


  2. Hahaha… Kakatuwa naman.

    Is “kaka” really the hindi word for poop? That’s funny, nickname yun ng sis ko eh… I’m telling her! He he he…

    Yun talaga sis ang hindi term nun “kaka”, bwehehehe!


  3. got that word too with my indian bf and for 4 years now we used that word to each other when we feel like it. 😀 I like how it is called. same with “susu”. hahaha! once am taught — parang ginagaya ko agad. do i sound a bit like deye?

    We don’t use susu, wee wee naman for that hehe! Nasasagwaan ako sa susu eh hahaha!

    Hmmm di ko masabi, I need to see your facial expression first before I could come up to that conclusion na para ka na ngang si Deye!


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