Been toxic these days. Since Saturday, I have to do everything. Get up at 6am for my morning routine, pick her up from the babysitter at half past 6, spend time with her for a while till she goes to sleep, and do the chores while she’s asleep. I also take the chance to do the rest of the packing while my little supervisor is asleep…I was able to finish the second box last night, emptied one closet, disconnected my PC and put them where they belong.

I have also kept the things to be given away to the Church separate. Most of them are used clothes and Deye’s toys… There are more actually, I’m still sorting them out. I hope to make unfortunate kids happy this Christmas….

I’ve ordered one more box from the cargo company. I just can’t let go of my stuff, it’s so hard…. Call me senti but I really am! 🙁