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On Buying Clothes For My Daughter

Two days ago, I had the chance to sort out both my closet and my daughter’s. Sorting out mine didn’t even take longer as I have already did segregate the old ones that I have not used for a while few days ago. But my daughter’s? It took me a while to even decide whether to give the small ones away or keep them for the next one (LOL! I’m just hoping!). While I was sorting them out, I saw some dresses that my friend who is based in Japan sent 2 years ago, some were still unused. It’s because we don’t go out much during those days due to our hectic schedule. You know when both parents are working, plus the fact that we were employed, that makes a lot of difference. Plus the clothes that I bought for her recently that do no fit her any longer. I remember buying a pair of Hello Kitty (short and polo blouse) for her months ago, when my mom saw that I bought the exact size, she made a lot of blah blah blah saying that if I am going to buy branded and expensive ones for her, I should give more allowance so that it can be used for a longer time.

Practically speaking, I agree with her but I can’t afford to see my daughter looking like a hip hopper at her age LOL! But you know what, I realized that my mom was right. I should also think of the practical side when buying clothes for my daughter. So I thought of Googling for some guidelines when buying clothes for kids and I got a very reliable one from Shop Wiki. Who knows I might purchase some cute and fab clothes from this site in the future like these ones Wonderkids Toddler Girl Plaid Wrap Dress.

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