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Ayos Dito Connect and Win

Gone are the days when people would go gaga looking for cars and other stuff at their best rates. Aside from the fact that it is time consuming, you really got to give an effort checking if it’s worth buying.

Months ago, I badly needed accessories for my mom’s desktop. As much as I would love to accompany her to get the right parts, I don’t have spare time to do it. I asked a friend and he suggested that I should just check on Ayos Dito and see if it could be of help. After few tries with numbers of sellers, I found what I was looking for and am now addicted to checking and shopping online at Ayos Dito.

Just last week, friends and I gathered over dinner together at their house and one mentioned about the convenience that shopping online gives us these days. That reminded me of the ongoing Ayos Dito Connect and Win Promo.

Connect and Win
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Believe it or not, they are giving away iPad2 and iPhones weekly and you could also be a millionaire! But then my friend thinks that he can’t handle these kind of contests as he is not so techie and into this thingy. I, then, explained his wife the mechanics. We both came online and guided her all through the process of joining.

To join the promo, Participants must first register to AyosDito Connect by following simple steps:

1) Go to the AyosDito website by typing in
2) “Login using Facebook” button found at the AyosDito website.
3) One must login using the email address they use to login to their Facebook account.
4) Click “Allow” button to let the AyosDito Connect application successfully proceed to the next step
5) Then provide complete and correct personal information as requested as shown below.

6) You should get this on your screen after completing your info.

7) Post an ad and you are good to go! Isn’t it like hitting two birds in one stone. You get to post an ad and get the chance to win cool prizes.

This promo runs from run from August 29 to November 6, 2011. Hurry up, tell your friends and join! You’ve got almost two weeks left!

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