What a funny way to start this week with! I woke my daughter up at 10am this morning so she could have a bath, have her breakfast, dry her hair and the rest follows. This is how we are during school days. We start from 10am and get off the house at 1:30pm usually.

Since we were done with our school project “flash cards” (I still couldn’t believe teachers ask preschoolers to do such, well, better than asking them to research on mesothelioma at their young age LOL!) and homework last Saturday, I was worry-free that she had missed something, but still I doubled checked her notes especially notebook #1 where their teacher updates their home-based/school activities. Make-your-own flashcards project says “to be checked on January 4” so I assumed and figured “I was right, classes resume today”.

We were dressed up by 1pm, kept her school bag and baon ready so when the school service comes, we don’t have to hurry. The school service usually comes at 1:30pm on Mondays to Thursdays and a little earlier on Fridays. It was almost 2pm, yet there was no sign from the school service. So I decided to send Ate Weng a message and she replied “Maam, bukas pa po ang pasok natin”. I was like “Huh? Ay ganun po ba, akala ko today hehe!” To be sure, I sent another message to my daughter’s teacher and she immediately replied “Mommy, tomorrow pa po ang resume ng classes”.

What the?!! Poor Deye. She was nicely sleeping and yet this excited mommy had to wake her up thinkingclasses resume today hahaha! Since I was already dressed up, I just went to pay my dues and passed by Jollibee, paid the deposit for Deye’s bday party on the 23rd. I asked mom to look after Deye while I was out. From there, I went to the nearby supermarket and bought a week supplies for Deye’s school baon and some toiletries needed both for me and Erchelle to keep in our hospital bags.

What a day! LOL!

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