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Cleaning Carpets

We live on a 2nd floor apartment owned by a relative. That’s how our house was spared by the waist deep flood brought by Pedring. Unfortunately, there was a minimal amount of rain shower coming through our window that made our carpet wet, and some part of our sofa. Right now our living room is still almost bare without the carpet on it. This led me to checking on some cleaning carpet tips online from AAH.

-If spot is wet, blot it, don’t rub. Rubbing spreads the soil.
-If spot is dry, loosen soil and vacuum away prior to moistening it.
-Always rinse cleaned area thoroughly. If not removed, cleaning products may cause the cleaned area to attract soil.
-When taking out stains, always use a white cloth.
-Clean spots and stains immediately. You will have much better chance of removing them.
-When using any cleaner, dilute according to direction. A mixture that is too potent may cause damage.

-Not every stain can be removed. Consult your ServiceMaster professional for cleaning options.
-Always pre-test the surface to be cleaned. Apply cleaning solution to an inconspicuous area of the same material. If, after five minutes, the material’s color transfers to   towel, try another product.
-Carpet shampoo is good to have on hand and is available at most hardware stores.
-A mild mineral spirit solution is useful for many household cleaning applications.
-For wax dropped on carpet or upholstery, set a clean, absorbent cloth over the wax stain and hold a hot iron on it. Lift cloth away and the wax should be removed with the cloth.

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