Bunso was again admitted in the hospital last week for 5 days due to Pneumonia and Bronchial Asthma. If you remember, she was also hospitalized last month slight dehydration caused by her high fever, and she wasn’t responding to medicines and taking milk at all. I got worried of her continuous coughing that made us rush her to the emergency on Friday night. The resident Pedia advised me to get her admitted so that she’d be monitored. She also had a difficulty in breathing. Of course, anything best for my kids, I have no problem. She was admitted at around 7am the following morning.

I went home an hour later to get our stuff and fetched Ate Deye up from my parents’ house. Glad my cousin, Jan, was around our area at that time so he offered me a ride up to the hospital and even helped me get the things to the room.

I’m so thankful that she’s better now and back to her usual self, a charming and active baby. Tomorrow is her follow up check up and I hope she’d be able to get the shot that’s been already a month delayed due to her condition. So I guess this mommy still has no right to invest on buying some rustic furniture and other house decors for the coming Christmas, priorities first!

Mitch Carvalho

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