When the weather starts hotting up, you can find yourself staring out the window and wishing you had a really great garden to enjoy the sun. So why not get out there and create the garden of your dreams? There are plenty of great apps available for you to start styling the look and layout of your backyard. But if you’re stuck for ideas, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways you can make the most of the space you’ve got:

Patio If you don’t have a level garden, it really is worth investing in the groundworks to make it flat. Not only is it easier to use when it’s level, but you’ll be able to create a beautiful patio area. Look for inspiration from places like stylemaster patios. See how you can design the perfect garden kitchen, barbecue area, seating or dining space. You can choose a stylish roof to keep the rain or the sun off you as you enjoy being out in the garden.

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Some companies will offer to do the groundworks for you. This is worth investing in as heavy machinery is often needed. Before you go ahead, though, consider the full design of your garden landscape. You might want the patio area to naturally flow from your back door. Of course, there might be a better space with a more magnificent view further down the garden path! 

Lawn and Plants Many people have covered their lawn over with concrete, paving, or gravel. This can certainly make the garden much easier to maintain, but it isn’t always best for the environment or your view. Why not have some lawn meeting the edges of your patio? The color contrast looks good, and it can still be easy to maintain. Choose a lawn mower that cuts shorter so it takes longer to grow again. Perhaps a robot mower could help?

The plants you choose will always be at risk of succumbing to slugs and snails. While these pests are important in the garden, it can be upsetting to see the mess they leave behind. Planting in pots can help reduce this risk. It also means you can place the latest flowers in the best spots to enjoy.

Summerhouse or Workshop Placing a building in your garden can offer you even more versatility. A summerhouse can be a nice quiet space for some reading or sipping some wine. A workshop can be the perfect retreat at the weekend to catch up with that all-important DIY. If your summerhouse is big enough, you might even use it as a home office. Think of that beautiful view out of the window. You might not ever get any work done. Of course, as a workshop, this space will be the most active room at your property!

Home Gym Building a home gym in your garden may seem like an expensive project, but think of the subscription savings you’ll make over the years. You’ll also be more motivated to work out if you only have to walk to the bottom of the garden. You don’t need an enormous amount of space. Of course, many home gyms also feature a sauna, changing area, and perhaps a shower room.

When it comes to choosing the best equipment, that’s down to personal taste. A cross trainer is ideal if you have limited space. Some of the most popular kit includes a treadmill and exercise bicycle. Add a TV and some air conditioning to enjoy your workouts even more. Always leave some floor space for your workout mat. Stretches before and after exercise are essential for good health.

Swimming Pool and Safety Installing a swimming pool in your garden is a huge project to take on. It may take several weeks to complete and may cause some damage to the surrounding areas. If you are thinking of having a pool, do this part of your garden makeover first. Access is essential, so you don’t want any plants you’ve just planted to be trampled or dug up again.

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Most reputable swimming pool installers will offer a full survey. They should also detail the safety requirements of the pool. You will need a full railing and lockable gate to make sure dogs and kids can’t accidentally access the water. When it comes to kids in the garden, the entire perimeter should be fully secure. This will prevent children wandering out of your yard, and it will also deter strangers wandering in. If you have a dog, make sure your perimeter extends a foot or so beneath the earth. Dogs have a knack for digging!

Decking If your garden isn’t entirely flat, you could install some decking to create the level areas that you need. Decking is easy to install yourself if you’re up for a DIY challenge. There are two types that are most commonly used. The first is wood, usually a softwood like pine. This will need treating and painting every year or so to stay in good condition. It usually comes grooved for extra grip and safety.

The second type is made of a composite material that reduces the need for regular maintenance. It comes in a wide variety of colors, but this may mean it’s more tricky to change later on. Your choice might be down to budget, or it might be down to your lifestyle. Either will look great and can provide the perfect space for al fresco dining or garden lounging.

Water Features A water feature can provide a beautiful focal point for your garden. You might have a waterfall effect wall or a cascading bowl style. Other choices include ponds and fountains. Most of them need a pump to push the water around. This will need electricity to work. Usually, these are plugged into the mains. You may need an electrician to install a garden power feed that is safe for you to use. Alternatively, look for a solar-powered water feature. This will cost you nothing to run. Don’t forget, ponds with fish will need regular care and maintenance. You will probably need to feed them too! Enjoy your beautiful garden.

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