Handling The Absence (Part 1)

One of the hardest part of a long distance relationship is the fact that you are not physically there for each other. And when you have a kid, it just gets tougher.

The first time my husband left for his job, I didn’t know how I was going to handle the situation. First and foremost, out of almost 9 years of being together (abroad), that was the first time that we had to make a decision – stay apart for a while just because…

Just because… we have to. For betterment. A test of love. In short, a much more better future for our young family. I know it was a wrong move. We should’ve done it long before our daughter was born. But no! We were so addicted to each other that we didn’t even think of the future. It could’ve been easier – for our daughter.

The left he left was the day she began asking. She was 22 months to be exact. But she knew what was going on. She’s close to her father. Though she clings to me when she’s not well, it’s still obvious that she’s a certified daddy’s girl. We lived in a sharing accommodation provided by the company where we both worked for the last 8 years. Our bed was good enough for a couple. There was no extra room for her bed. But we had enough comforters for my husband to sleep on, right on the floor just next to the bed…. Yes, we thought of buying but why would we do that? We were provided by everything. It’s just a matter of sacrifice. Not for long.

That has been our set-up since our daughter turned 1. Derelle, our daughter got used to seeing her father every single morning sleeping on the floor next to our bed. Until…

To be continued….

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  1. if only couples can stay together most of the time, i would want that for every couple in this planet. things happen for a reason and i am sure distance will make your relationship stronger, the heart grow fonder and the love deeper.

    luisa’s last blog post..Poison Ivy.


  2. Lam mo Mitch hindi pwede sa amin ang long distance relationship din. Aside from we are so addicted to each other. Walang mangyayari sa amin puro gastos lang kasi every month gusto namin magkita mag-asawa. We tried the nth times pero wala ding nangyayari. Tapos sa akin kasi, I grew up na hindi nakikita and Dad ko. He worked in another place din kaya hindi ko cya close. I wished meron choice c Mom nun. Kaya ngayon, I don’t want my kids na lumaki na hindi nila nakikita yung Daddy nila. Ok lang na paglaki nila wala yung Daddy kisa lumaki cla na wala clang nakikitang Daddy. Kasi I’ve been to that situation before. Pero sa akin lang to ha. Share ko lang:)

    I am sure it will work out for you. I know that it’s for the better din.

    O cya diary na yata comment ko..LOL

    Yen’s last blog post..{Domino Tag}


  3. Hi Nice! And my dad worked abroad for 17 years. I said to myself before, never akong papayag na maging ganun kami. But sometimes we have to… Isipin ko na lang din wala kaming choice para magaan sa loob.


  4. Hi Yen! Maybe in your case, it’s different. It’s bcoz you can afford to travel and see each other whenever possible. But to couples like us na kelangang gawin ang salitang “kelangan”, all we could do is do it with “sacrifice”.

    My dad also worked abroad for 17 years, mahirap. I’ve seen it. Naging close kami kelan na lang but after a couple of years I had to leave and try my luck din abroad.

    Korek ka dun! Kaya nga sabi ko dapat noon pa natin naisip maghanap ng much better work kaso lulong pa sa isa’t isa hehe! I think this decision usually happens talaga siguro kapag may kids ng involved. It’s bcoz we think of their future.


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