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Handling The Absence (Part 2)

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… she was told that Dada’s gone to buy her milk. She may be young and innocent but not stupid to believe that Dada’s gone to buy her milk every single day. That Dada will be there to pick her up from the nanny’s house every single afternoon. That Dada will be there as she wakes up in the morning. For several days, we went on that way. We lived on with lies… When the nanny told me that she cried out for “Dada” the moment she heard their doorbell, that’s when I told my husband “she has to know” that you’ve gone to work somewhere else, that you won’t be back for so and so days… So I told her… I explained to her like she’s a grown up. She was listening quietly. I was crying secretly.

Too bad there were no flights available for a month. The first two weeks were okay, I was occupied at work, handing over what I had to hand over. But the next two weeks? *sigh* Why did it have to happen in December? A Christmas without him in a lonely room, with a child beside you asking “Where is Dada?”. Wasn’t it terrible and heart-breaking? Yet. I survived, I was able to handle it. I made sure that our voices were recorded everyday through my cellphone. I made an effort that they are uploaded in my PC every single day and have it sent to him through emails as soon as it’s done, of course with photos. If there was one thing that I didn’t want to pack, t’was our PC.

If it was hard for me, I’m sure it was even harder for him. He’s alone. I tried not to cry in every telephone conversation that we had. But after I’m finally one with my job, I felt the loneliness again. I wished that someone would cancel his/her flight so I could get the seat. We had no choice but to patiently wait. I spent the last 3 weeks packing, alone. I felt bad even more. If only he was there, I wouldn’t feel the loads. After more than a month of waiting, we finally got our seats.

…. to be continued

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