Getting the kids to do household chores these days is harder, as they are always hooked with their gadgets and some other things they tend to remember doing just when other chores assigned to them are due.

I have two girls, and it is just right to teach them as early as now. Despite growing up with a house-helper around them, they know that they need to get their asses up and work on stuff, otherwise, they also know what’s going to happen. You see, I can be the coolest mom on earth but at the same time, I can be a monster mom they don’t want to see.

girls' bedroom

We do not force them to wash the dishes, nor clean the whole house but at least start from where they keep their personal stuff and that, of course, “their bedroom”. Early this year, we had their bedroom renovated that left them with no choice but to maintain it as how I have already organized it, otherwise… So how do I make them do it?

Here’s the deal “You clean her mess, and she’d clean yours.” Of course, who would want to clean one’s mess? So better yet, keep it clean and organized all the time and we won’t have a problem. What’s surprising was they scheduled themselves to do the cleaning and organizing every Saturday unless we’re out of the house, then they’re excused. Watch them HERE.

Oh by the way, they’are also obliged in keeping their closets organized. Our kasambahay does the folding but I have instructed her to just keep the folded clothes on their beds and let them do the rest, without fail. At least they know where they keep their stuff and “Mama, where is my blah blah blah?” scenes are avoided.

This is just a step closer to becoming effective and organized students. One day they’d thank me, and for sure they’d do the same to their children once they become parents… We’re halfway this year and so far, we’re still good. One proud momma here! *wink*


Mitch Carvalho

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