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Improved TV Cabinet and Dining Area

When you have a small space, making use of every square inch is the best thing to do. In able to get additional storage  (aside from the space that we have at the back terrace on the second floor, kitchen cabinets and under our bed), I turned the space (where our TV is placed) underneath the staircase into this. Door handles are yet to be installed though. Manong Roger, our handyman neighbor was supposed to have everything completed today but Typhoon Lando won’t let him do it.

12167629_10154267272099307_253241393_nBehind this cabinet will now become a storage of just anything (see photo below).


It looks a lot better now with very minimal decorations, as how I always wanted it. Dedicated shelves for the TV and its speakers were also anticipated, and some more cabinets at the bottom.

However, by doing so eats up about a size of a dining chair that will make the dining area smaller. So I had to find a way to still have a 6-seater dining area. I, then, asked Manong Roger to make a simple bench that would fit in the area.

12166488_10154267891934307_638277224_nAgain, the door handles are yet to be installed. Four shelves were also anticipated for additional storage. By the way, the cushion that was used here was the scrap from one of the girls’ mattresses. Luckily, Manang Zeny, Manong Roger’s wife, is an experienced tailor/seamstress who did the cover.


I had the walls painted green. I just forgot what type of green this is. I showed the sample color to the guy who mixes the paint at the Paint Center and he did achieve the color that I wanted. Now on the lookout of simple frames to suit the dining. Something like “I Love Coffee” frame haha!

Thanks to Pinterest and online earnings!! I was able to grasp some ideas that made all these transformation a success! Below were the original designs that inspired me, just made a few tweaks to perfectly suit the space. So to whoever who originally designed this, thank you very much!


UPDATE: Cabinet door handles are now fixed! I got this for only Php50 each. The bench also has these handles.


Here’s how it looked like after the storage door was fixed.



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