Is Liquid Lipstick Better Than Lipstick?

Despite the many advantages that liquid lipsticks have (as what I’ve read online), personally, I still prefer the traditional lipsticks over the liquid ones. I agree, tried and tested, that liquid lipsticks are long-wearing or designed to stay for a longer time, but they can also be drying which my lips won’t like for sure.

Let’s see their difference, one by one, as per my opinion and experience.


  • I just can’t fill my lips evenly even with a big mirror.
  • It gets my lips very dry right after application resulting to chapped lips.
  • I always need a piece of wipe tissue to remove it or rub it with oil for faster removal.
  • I noticed that liquid lipsticks are more expensive. Sure there are cheap ones in the market but expect a cheaper quality when you use it.
  • Unless you have the extra stick with foam at the tip (sorry not sure what it’s called), it’s just uncomfortable to share the same liquid lipstick with a friend.
  • Obviously, liquid lipsticks are not meant and made for tinting your cheeks or you will look like a clown if you dare try it.


  • I can apply it without the need of a mirror.
  • It also keeps my lips moist.
  • Easy removal even with an ordinary facial tissue.
  • You can get good shades at cheaper prices.
  • It can be shared with a friend by using a lip brush, or even just the tip of your finger.
  • It can also be used as a blush on haha!

Um, this is just my personal preference, I know and am aware that liquid lipsticks have advantages, too. It’s just me maybe. In fact, I own a few haha! How about you, which one do you prefer?


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