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When SAHMone SpeaksWhat home remedies have you tried for your baby so far? Did it work? Would you rather choose this over the prescribed medicines by your Pedia? I guess, I’m one of the old-fashioned moms who would not have second thoughts in trying such for as long as it will benefit my kids and help them feel better.

Last year, 1 y/o daughter was diagnosed of asthma. I felt so helpless bringing her in and out to think she was only 4 months old then. Until I finally gave up and seek for an “albularyo’s help”. There was nothing weird but when I mentioned she’s been suffering from bad cough due to asthma, she told me to try giving malunggay juice. As soon as we got home from Manang place, we picked malunggay leaves and followed her advise. My conclusion???

I noticed the improvement. The first day I had given her malunggay juice, she was cough free.

Of course, you can have the recipe. Here you go, just click on this link “Malunggay Juice” and you are good to go. Aside from Malunggay, I constantly give my kids oregano extract especially during “cold” season. I hope to post the procedure on how to make it one of these days. 

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When SAHMone Speaks

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