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Mission Accomplished

Today, I was at the Embassy before 8am. Submitted all the requirements. Stupid me! I was applying for the amendment of my passport but I didn’t carry my passport along with me nyahahaha! So I had to call my husband to get it from the office, but they refused to give it to him, instead it was sent to me personally by our Liaison Officer. For whatever reason that they didn’t give it to my husband, I don’t know and I don’t really care, I got it after an hour anyway .

Before that, the assisting officer told me that my daughter’s birth certificate should be authenticated first, that means I have to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Huwaaat? For what when it’s already issued, sealed and stamped by the Ministry of Health? Do I have a choice? My goodness, just by going up and down by taxi, I spent more than BD10 already. I left the Embassy almost 11am.

So I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… Glad it took only less than 5 minutes. The good thing here is that “ladies first” works. Stamp fee costs 500 fils, and I got it for free. :p There was another guy from the other queue, both of us gave BD1 to the assisting guy when we had to pay half of it only, he gave his BD1 and said to “it’s okay keep it”. 500 fils is not too much, but the gesture mattered to me a lot.

From there, I was hoping that I’ll be able to catch our company bus, but I missed it. So I had to catch a cab from town to my work place. I went to the taxi rank and the other guy said to the driver “khamsa” when I said where I was heading. I reacted “shino khamsa?!!!” The driver looked at me… I looked back at him and said what five Dinars? It’s only three Dinars till there. “Mushkela, road construction”, he explained. I got irritated and told him “Is that my problem? Why don’t you ask your Ministry to give you extra money because you’re affected when they do road constructions? You are overcharging!” He then kept quiet and dropped me where I asked him to. Yet, I paid him four Dinars, which is still too much. I just had to let him know that overcharging is not a good habit.

Tsk tsk tsk! These drivers… Walang pinagkaiba sa Maynila!

Anyway, the things that I’ve applied for will be released tomorrow.

  1. Report of Marriage Certificate
  2. Derelle’s Philippine passport
  3. My amended passport. Yup, from tomorrow I’m official Mrs. Carvalho. *wink*

Arabic translation:

  1. Khamsa > Five
  2. Shino > What
  3. Mushkela > Problem


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