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My 8th Househelp, Perl

There was Arlene, Ate Minda, Marissa, Rochelle, Sheryl, Kathy, Jelyn and now Perlita.

Perlita, or Perl for short is so far my 8th househelp in just a year. I got her through our neighbor’s housemaid. They are actually related. Perl is a Native Filipino or much known as Aeta, but a modern one. She dresses up like us. She speaks Tagalog fluently and she was able to study a year in College of Nursing, a scholar of the Botolan’s Mayor.

Too early to tell, but I feel that she’s the one I am looking for. She’s short but proactive. She’s dark but projects a beauty within. She maybe indigent but brave enough to come out in the open. And most of all, Deye and bunso get along well with her already.

I had a short talk with her a while ago and she seems to be nice. I told her about my house rules and she listens carefully. I told her what I expect from her and she answers politely.

I really hope and pray that she’d be the last, at least for this year. Otherwise, it’s going to be another adjustment for us. I thought of giving up my job already but thank God I found another one just in time. Finding the best househelp is like trying out another lipozene diet pill, you don’t know how efficient and effective it is. I hope this time I found the right one!

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