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My Preggy Picks

Pregnancy is a stage where most women feel different. They even get choosy and sensitive, which to some was never a problem. In my case, with my first born, I did not go through anything unusual aside from loving banana and fresh milk so much, that I would always have in the mornings before anything else. I did not even experience morning sickness and vomiting. But with my 2nd born, it was far different. I had gone through a lot up to the day I gave birth to her (Part 1 and Part 2 Birthing Story). I had to watch my diet, the food that I eat and choose comfortable clothes, that would somehow prevent me from itching since I had acquired PUPPP during this time.

To share a few, here are the most comfortable clothes that I had used when I was pregnant with Ishi.

Preggy Clothes
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Stretchable shirts, jogging pants, pajamas, typical house dress and leggings that come in different colors. For footwear, I made a good solidย  bonding with my pair of havaianas since I was not working the whole time. Most of my friends said that I looked good in my 2nd pregnancy.

When it comes to body lotion and perfume, I opted to use Human Nature Body Butter because of its mild scent instead plus the prescribed lotion and creams that the Dermatologist had given me.

Human Nature Body Butter

For soap and shampoo, I shared with Deye’s Johnson’s Bath Gel and Shampoo. Johnson’s always had this special attention to me.

How about you? Did you also have your special pregnancy picks? Care to share?

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