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Our Saturday was just spent most of the time at home. In the afternoon, I went to the market to order the flowers and get the candles that gave me a shock. The prices, I would say, have increased almost half the last year’s price. The same size of the candles I bought last year are now costing P150 per piece while I got them for only P85 per piece last year. So I bought the slimmer ones that cost me P100 per piece. And the flowers? I only bought 2 baskets this time.

These flowers cost me P200/basket. Last year’s arrangements were a lot better though, but those are quite expensive this year so I decided to go for the cheaper ones.

See the difference of the candles (pink ones in the upper left and right down corner) I bought last year and this year:

2009 @ P100/pc

2008 @ P85/pc

Oh well I guess we just need to accept the fact that prices are such. And expect more of price increase these coming days. I wonder how people will celebrate Christmas this year.

On a brighter side, as expected kids are the most happiest during these times collecting the candle waste forming them into balls:

I was only able to capture few shots, just not in the mood. In fact, we left the memorial park at 10pm this time. Unlike last year, we spent time until 12mn there. On our way out, I  saw a couple of stainless steel drums near the gate, not sure what those are for.

Anyway, you can join OWM here.

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