Obtaining a visa to any country is not easy. Visa requirements differ and even the process varies. There are embassies that require your presence while others accommodate applications through travel agencies. The recent visa I applied for was for Netherlands. A Schengen visa. Here’s the list of the required documents in obtaining a Schengen business visa:

  • A passport, valid until at least three months after completion of the intended journey.
  • One fully, correctly and clearly completed application form, duly dated and signed.
  • Two recent* passport-size (3.5 by 4.5 cm) photograph, against light (e.g.white) background.
  • All previous passports.
  • Non-Philippine citizens have to present: Philippine visa or residence permit + registration valid 3 months after scheduled return.
  • An official letter of invitation from the inviting company in the Netherlands mentioning the duration and period of your intended stay to be faxed directly by the company/organisation to the Embassy (fax no +63 2 7866644).
  • An original letter from your employer or company stating the purpose of your visit.
  • For employees: Proof of employment, a recent employer’s’ statement that should mention salary, date of entry and duration of absence and a photo copy of bank statements of the last three months.
  • For private businessmen: A photocopy of SEC or DTI business registration of your company, Mayor’s business permit + tax-paying certificate “ITR” and a photo copy of bank statements of the last three months.
  • A flight-reservation upon submission of your application. Do not purchase your ticket before your visa application is approved!
  • Confirmed hotel reservation for the whole travel period, including all other countries that you are going to visit to be faxed by the hotel directly to the embassy (fax no +63 2 7866644) or per e-mail (man-vz@minbuza.nl).
  • Travel insurance for the whole duration of stay.

In my case, since it’s an official trip, the office handled the preparation of the documents and the appointment request with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Makati City.

Embassy of the Netherlands
26th Floor, BDO Equitable  Tower,
P8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

It costs Php3,210 for the visa fee and Php400 to get it delivered right to our office. An interview was also conducted basically all about what you do at work, the purpose of your visit to the country and details based on your attached documents. All in all it was a smooth and hassle-free experience.

I had mine delivered to our office after a week upon application.

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