At half past 6am today, I rushed my eldest, Deye, to St. Jude Hospital (Ridon St. Jude Medical Center) to have a check for consistent fever since Sunday and vomiting twice, yesterday and this morning. We waited for almost an hour and finally got accommodated in the consultation room after my third follow up from the nurses who were happily chit chatting and eating on duty. I didn’t see any patient waiting at the lounge before us, thus, I wanted to make fuss about it for making us wait that long! Then one of the nurses came to me and said “Maam pasok na kayo, pasensya na kasi may emergency na inattend-an si doc.”

When it was our turn, after another girl of my daughter’s age being checked, I overheard the doctor telling the nurse “Uy ano ba ni hindi pa ako nakapagmumog“. If I was going to assess the look of the doctor, she looks like she just gotten up from bed and not attended an emergency. And it seems like she wasn’t still in her own self when she checked my daughter, that I just had to tell her the details without being asked first.

The only person I found accommodating was the Med Tech who took Deye’s lab tests and we even got the result in less than an hour.

This hospital’s snail speed service is truly irritating and annoying! I won’t mind if I see that they are really busy, but looking at them as if they are just chilling in the lounge makes me more worried on how they would handle a real EMERGENCY situation!

In my past encounters at this hospital, it’s always the receiving people at the OPD to be exact are the most difficult people to deal with. In fairness to the nurses stationed at the private rooms, they were very accommodating, helpful and friendly.


Mitch Carvalho

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