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The Looks We Had, The Way We Were

There are two songs that remind me of them, this….

Nagsimula ang lahat sa eskwela, isang barkada na kay saya… Kay simple lamang ng buhay nun, walang mabibigat na suliranin. Problema lamang lagi kulang ang datung… San na napunta ang panahon???

And this…

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind. Smiles we gave to one another, for the way we were. If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we? could we? Mem’ries, may be beautiful and yet… Thats too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget…

I don’t remember exactly how our group was formed. I just remember that there were 6 of us in that group. Our friendship started in High School in 1993. Let me brag about them, one by one…

From left – standing…

Ellen. We call her Shobe, she’s a half Chinese, half Filipina. Thus, the nickname. Our friendship had deepen during college days. We often see and visit each other’s house in Manila back then. If there are two people in a group that would always argue – that’s us! We never agreed to each other. Call it weird but we were also the best of friends in our group. She’s one of the loyal Nurses who serves our Gov’t. Hospital in Olongapo. Oh yes! She’s still “very much” single… Sounds good? We met again the last time I went home, that was 5 months ago to be exact. She still hasn’t change. She’s still the same Ellen I’d known 13 years ago.

Next is Mitch. Okay that’s me… We’d rather skip that hahaha!

Eliza. We call her Liz or Liza. A Com Sci graduate. I’d known her since grade school. We were classmates since then. The closeness we had was also something to be treasured. That made us enrolled in one University and lived in one roof. Unfortunately, we lost contact. Last thing I heard about her, that she’s also married with one daughter, a year older than mine.

Maricel. We call her Chel. A graduate of Law. The best of all the rest, simply because she’s my bestfriend. Just like Liza, I’d also known her since grade school. Chel is the coolest person I’d ever known. You won’t see her mad, unless provoked. You won’t see her frown and cry, unless she sees her bf with other girls hahaha! Our friendship is the kind of relationship you won’t trade to anyone. It’s really a treasure that you could keep for a lifetime, even after death. She knows me inside out. Vice versa. Since I left home, she’s the only one who kept in touch with me almost everyday, until now. She’s now based in Idaho. While her two boys (husband and son) were left back home. Soon, they’ll be together I know. Ooops! Wait! I just have to say this because she reads my blog… This may sound corny but it’s coming from the bottom of my heart “If I had only one friend left, I want it to be her“.

Sitting from left…

Jeffrey. We call him Jepoy. The wiz. Physics boy of the class. A graduate of Architecture. I seen him last 4 years ago. The first who got married in the group! Man! You surprised me hahaha! Thought you’ll be the last to get married! He’s now settled in Pampanga with his wife and daughter, working in an Archi firm.

Reynaldo. We call him Rey or Renan. He was once an OFW – Riyadh. He’s now settled in the UK, married to a Nurse. Also gifted with one daughter.

If I have to talk about them, the friendship we had back then, three full blog entries won’t be enough…

The only thing I could do now is sing the above songs…. while I look back and treasure each moment…

Only that much I can do now…

Click photo for a larger view. See scrap credits here.


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  • Rach (Heart of Rachel)

    It’s nice to reminisce about high school life and friends. I enjoyed reading about your friends. I love that nice page you made. Is that digiscrapping too? I haven’t explored it yet but I’m interested in it.

    Miss ko na sila eh, including the simple life that we had back then. Pancit canton lang at coke ayos na hehehe! Unfortunately, kay Shobe at Chel na lang ako may contact. 🙁

    Yup, it is… I’m sure you can do it well too (yay! para kong sinabi I do hahaha!), creative ka din and yung interest andun. May tutorials dito. Then you can always visit my scrap page, sa All About Scrapping, andun ang links na may freebies.


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