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Tips on what to wear for a job interview

Sure you want to impress the interviewer but also keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste and thinking. Here are some tips on what to wear during job interviews.

  • Don’t be too casual. You are not going for a run or hiking whether you are are not comfortable wearing the advisable clothes for interview, you should dress up a little.
  • Dress up accordingly. Do your homework. Do a little research. Google is anyway there to help you. If you are applying for a job that do not require too formal dress code, do not overdo it. You don’t wanna end up looking like the CEO of the Company I’m sure!
  • Don’t focus on the labels. If the job you are applying for is not about modeling a designer clothing line, do not focus too much on the labels. The Employer do not care about how much and famous the clothes you are wearing on.
  • Don’t be a distraction. Wear something decent. If you think you have something to show or has the right to show off, well, then, interview is not a pageant. In short, don’t be a distraction to the interview. You can’t blame them if the interview turns out to be something you might not even like.
  • Be more on the conservative side. This is something relevant to being a distraction. Stay away from wearing trendy clothes during an interview. Sure you want your accomplishments do the talking and not your fashionable clothes.

I hope the above tips help! I am not saying dressing up properly is the best substitute to your resume but still it would also help to follow. An additional tip to remember, do not say something irrelevant to what the interviewer is asking. Stop bragging about the gadgets and the like that you know of when they are not asked, say talking about RIM who is behind the BlackBerry Playbook! Or how your iPad and tablets worked for you!

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  • jared's mum

    great tips! am sure a lot of newly grads who shall be keeping busy with job interviews from here on will benefit a lot from this post! i particularly liked the 3rd one, sometimes some people actually forgot that they are actually going to a corporate function + it is best to reserve the party dress for a more appropriate occasion! 😀

    thanks for sharing!


  • rc gweniful

    Alam mo swerte lang ako at I never had to apply for a job during my entire corporate life. Never had to submit a resume etc…it was either I was recommendeded or pirated. i always reported to the department head or president for formality’s sake at never sa HR. 😉


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