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Tropical fish tanks

Back in my grade school days, I used to own a fish tank. It was actually a gift from my cousin’s boyfriend. I built it buying decorations, fishes and some other items for its maintenance. It lasted for years until I had to study in Manila and that was the time when I had neglected it. The fish tank is still in good condition, kept in my parents’ house, empty.

When I met my husband abroad, I got to know that he also has a fish tank in his room. I was happier when we finally moved to our small apartment after our wedding with his fish tank. Every weekend, we would pass by a shop where they sell tropical fish tanks. We would spare an amount from our monthly pay to buy decorations, fishes, and their food. It is fun to have a fish tank at home but I tell you, it’s costly and you really need to spend time cleaning the tank once in a while.

When he came here two months ago, he planned to buy one but I stopped him. Not now. With a toddler around, it is not safe and recommended unless there is enough room or place to keep it. So, let’s see maybe 2 years from now, it will be a part of our home improvement.

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  • Gaylee

    I read somewhere in Chinese Feng Shui, its good to have a fish tank with live fish in the house. Considered lucky but of course, knowing feng shui, ideal location of fish tank should be followed. 🙂


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