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Ways to make clothes last longer

Sure you don’t want to spend much on your clothes yearly. Unless you are a shopaholic and belong to a very high end family, Filipinos are not known to spend thousands of dollars just for clothes. Here the way to make clothes longer.

1. Hiwalay kung hiwalay! Ang puti sa dekolor. You would often hear this joke from husbands who usually do the house  chores instead of their wives. Separate colors when you wash and do not use cold water especially on the colored ones.

2. Make sure to put away your clothes to your closet right away. This way they won’t attract ants who normally make holes to your clothes.

3. Don’t let stains sit longer on your clothes. Wash them immediately and if you do, do not rub the soiled part so hard.

4. Don’t machine wash your dresses and formal suits. Also, dress up accordingly. If you are cleaning the house, wear the old or even the torn ones.

5. Keep  buttons available in the house. In case you lose one, you can replace it right away. In my case, I also keep buttons, needle and thread available in my wallet. In case of emergency, you know.

6. Know your clothes’ material. Different fabrics need different types of care.

7. Fix quickly. If you find a hole in one part, sew it right away so as not to damage the whole thing.

8. If you have seasonal clothes, store them properly in a way bugs won’t come for them.

9. For people like me who do not feel comfortable with tags, remove it by cutting it and not just pull it by your hand.

10. If you do not own a dryer, hang and dry your clothes properly especially during rainy season.

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