WBFC #18

WBFCAs much as I wanted to keep up with my regular and meme posts over the weekend, I couldn’t. I was literally helpless for 2 days. My househelp went home and consumed her days off for the past two months that she did not take it, and unfortunately, my Internet connection decided to take its break as well. What a great weekend, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s better late than never. I won’t promise but I’ll try to subscribe as many as feeds as I can. That is if my connection will cooperate.

This week’s drill is: This week tasks: 1) Please SUBSCRIBE and CONFIRM via EMAIL to our sponsors’ blogs: Pinay Mommy Online and OnlineBiz and Resources (subscribe at the sidebar). 2) Make a welcome post for other participants of WBFC # 18 to comment on. Make sure you place our badge on your post. 3) Comment on the welcome post if you have SUBSCRIBED and CONFIRMED. If you are already a subscriber, still leave a comment to know that you have visited. 4) Please remember to SUBSCRIBE and CONFIRM. Subscribing without confirming is useless. So please… CONFIRM.

It sounds like a tough task but in return you’ll gain numbers or even hundreds of subscribers. I just hope they’d stay subscribed even after this week’s caravan or worst after they have reached their goal.

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