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What A Day!?!!

It was my first time to renew my passport {plus married name correction} at the DFA Manila yesterday. My first issued passport back in 1998 was done at DFA located at Paskuhan Village – San Fernando Pampanga. I didn’t know where to go, but I managed alone.

I left Olongapo at 10am, reached Caloocan at around 12:30 noon, took the LRT and got off at UN station. That’s the most passable and familiar way that I know. From UN station I took a cab, and paid P150. I have no idea if it was okay or not for as long as the driver gave me a good company while jammed in the traffic, and anyway I got there safe right in front of the Gate 2.

While I was crossing the road, there were already like 2  to 3 people asking if I had an appointment, blah blah blah! Then one led me to the verification section outside the gate. I was hesitant but since I saw most of the poeple going there, I gave in. Then they checked my form and photos. Darn! My photos were rejected bcoz I was wearing a not so noticeable wirehead band in there. They took me inside and told me to take a shot of Passport ID, an old man handed me the collared ladies’ suit, while the other was checking my form, and the other one asking me to sit down. Kagulo as in! Feeling ko ako si Kris Aquino haha! I paid P150 for the new prints of 9pcs photos, with royal blue background, no earrings and click, I’m done! They asked me to wait outside for my photos. Then after a while I saw my photos on the table. Another guy who was seated there was cutting the photos to the required size accordingly. I was surprised when he asked me for P5 for just cutting the photos, what the!!! I didn’t ask and paid, coz I wanted to get in right away.

My appointment letter says to proceed to the Gate 2. So I did. But the guard told me that I should proceed to the Gate 3 instead. Ang gulo talaga kainis! So I went to the Gate 3 straight to the section where everyone was waiting. I was surprised! Parang job fair. I lost my hope that after my errands there, I’d still be able to go malling. I seated at one of the benches, then I heard one guy calling “o renewal dito sa Senior Citizen counter, lima lang!!!” Of course I ran as fast as I could haha! I got the 2nd slot out of 5. May mas mabilis sa akin na isa haha!

First, the lady was hesitant to accept my supporting docs, coz my marriage certi shows “Arabia” something. Good thing I brought all the orig docs with me including the Marriage Registration Certi done and stamped in Phil Embassy – Bahrain. Otherwise I’d have to go to NSO for that badge number they were talking about. Anyway, I paid P750 for overtime fee of 7 working days for my passport to get released. I thought this Passport Delivery would help me ease my back and forth travelling from Olongapo-Manila-Olongapo. This morning, I called 737 1000 but they told me that I should go to DFA Basketball Court, and get the application form for the delivery services. How come the lady who handed me the brochure didn’t tell me that. That means I need to go back and collect my passport by Wednesday, haaaaay!

Anyway, I finished at almost 5pm there, so I went to Glorietta first and wander around. I was thinking to past my time and catch the last trip in Caloocan at 9:30pm. But around half past 6pm, the rain started to pour. As in heavy rains. Haaaaay! I decided to leave the mall and it took me a while to get in a cab. I texted my friend again na dun na lang talaga ako matulog sa kanya. We were supposed to meet in Buendia station, but as we were approaching, ayan na ang baha!

I was able to capture a couple of shots in Quirino while waiting for my friend to fetch me up. I feel safe waiting here coz the place is familiar, I used to live here for 4 years back when I was still in College + 2 years when I was working in Makati}.

So we took right to Osmena Highway, and I decided to get off na lang sa Quirino station. Darn! I was a long day and night. Spent the night at my friend’s house, left Manila at 5am, and got here at half past 8 in the morning.

So, on Wednesday, I’m off to Manila again to collect my passport. It’s scheduled in the afternoon, I hope mabilis lang so I can catch the trip back to Olongapo that same day. Haaaay!

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