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When I Grow Old

When Nice asked me “What’s your greatest fear as a mother?“, there’s actually one more thing that came to my mind > growing old. Just afraid that my kid/s won’t have the patience to take care of me or I might just find myself handed over to a Nursing Home… Sorry to sound paranoid again but can you blame me? I’m sure we share the same fear somehow…

As I think about it, I was tempted to connive with Mr. Google and searched for “nursing home” just to have an idea on how old people are treated or taken care of when inside the nursing homes. I got tons of returns and clicked San Francisco senior care. I know…. I know… I’m not a US resident. I just wanted the book so don’t over react! It’s free! I just have to pay the shipping and handling fee and I’m sure it won’t be much if shipped within the US. I can always ask my best friend to receive it for me.

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