Like many people, you might be making a point to spend your hard-earned money more on experiences than material possessions these days. While there are certainly benefits to this principle, from time to time, it can cause people to make wasteful or generally unwise decisions. With the abundance of labels and stores there are these days, a lot of people tend to shy away from the fashion industry, and try to spend as little as possible on their wardrobes. If this sounds like you, then good news! Spending more on clothes can actually be much more economical. Here’s how…

They’ll be Wearable for Longer

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It’s not a trade secret that higher standards of work lead to products that last longer. You’ve probably had countless times where you’ve bought some piece of clothing because it was cheap or on offer, only to get a couple of uses out of it before it began losing its shape, or tearing at the seams. Sure, there are some rip-offs that make it onto the hangers. Generally though, more expensive clothing is made to a higher standard of quality. From the fabrics themselves that last longer to the quality of the stitching, the clothes that you spend more on are generally designed to last longer. When you think about it in a “cost per wear” sense, it’s plain to see that higher-quality garments are much more cost-effective than anything on the cheaper end of the scale. 

You’ll Mix and Match More If you start spending more money on fewer, but higher-quality pieces, you’ll naturally start to mix and match more to create new looks. Instead of justifying another shopping trip to yourself, and buying a range of cheap tops and jeans, you’ll be strongly inclined to work with what you have a little more often. Aside from getting better at mixing elements, if you stick to smaller, cute boutiques rather than the big names, and buy more classic pieces than new ones, you’ll also have an easier time shopping. Furthermore, by buying more classic clothes, you won’t have to worry about them going out of style next year, and having to give your wardrobe a big update!

You’ll Feel More Comfortable Again, this comes down mainly to the fabric you’re paying for. Higher-quality fabrics, apart from being far more durable and breathable, also tend to be much more comfortable. Natural fibers, which you generally have to pay out a little more for, are much more breathable than the synthetic fibers found in cheaper garments. Due to this, cheaper clothes are much less likely to keep you warm or cool depending on the surrounding temperature. They might look nice enough, but after a few uses, the poor breathability may become so uncomfortable to you that you never want to wear the clothes again. If you don’t think that the fabric on your skin is going to make much of a difference to how comfortable you are, then try a cashmere sweater! Aside from the quality of the fabric, the fit of higher-end clothes also tends to be much better than cheaper ones. Quality clothes are designed to fit well from the start; from the cuts to the patterns to the stitching, you’ll have no issue finding a great fit when you shop for high-end names.

You’ll Stop Impulse-Buying So Much

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Impulse buying is one of the main things that holds so many of us back from the financial stability we want. If you’ve ever found yourself heading into town meaning to buy a couple of specific things, and then coming home with so many bags it’s hard to carry them by yourself, then you’ve been a victim of the impulse-buy bug. One surprisingly effective way of avoiding this in the future is spending more on your clothes. When you’re only spending $20 or even less on each piece of clothing you buy, it can be easier to justify constant buying to yourself. You think “Oh well, I only spent $15 on that (insert garment) earlier, what’s another $15?”. In the worst cases, this can drive a lot of people to get into the habit of buying clothes that they really don’t like all that much, but will buy one after the other simply because they’re cheap! Even if you do like the garments you’re picking up on impulse, remember that buying cheap all the time will mean you’ll get much less use out of your clothes. Over time, a little here and a little there will add up to a massive hole in your bank account, and a lot of unloved clothes! Get into the habit of researching your options from high-end labels, and applying the diligence you need to ensure you’re getting value for money. In the long run, you’ll spend far less on clothes than you need to.

You’ll Have More to Save Unless you’re a true shopaholic, the way you crave new clothes isn’t simply because you’re getting bored of the way your wardrobe looks. For many people, it’s more closely tied in with the clothes being uncomfortable, or not versatile enough for all the activities and occasions that they have in their calendar. When you make a point of buying clothes that both last longer, and simply need to be worn to a variety of occasions and meet-ups, you’ll more or less eliminate the need to be constantly refreshing your wardrobe. This, in turn, means you’ll spend less in the long run, and have more to save. This is money that can go towards experiences, which is really what fashion is all about! What good is having all the beautiful clothes in the world, if you’re never wearing them to parties, barbecues, festivals, and nights out?

There you have the most solid excuses for spending more on your wardrobe! Obviously, you shouldn’t go overboard and splurge on clothes that are too far over your budget. Still, when you invest in fewer pieces that you genuinely love, you’ll do a lot of good for both your wallet, and your wardrobe.


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