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30w 3d

Had my prenatal check-up this morning. Just like last time, I brought Deye with me as per her request. She said she wanted to hear her heartbeat once again.

To be exact, I’m on my 30w and 3d now. My OB said there’s a possibility that I might deliver earlier than my expected due date coz my tummy looks very low already. I gained 4 lbs this time and advised to increase my intake of Anmum to replace the calcium that baby is taking from me. For the past 3 nights, I’ve been getting bad cramps and feeling gas bloated especially at night. I am trying my best to take small meals and make it 6x a day. As of this day, failed. LOL!

Since I’m nearing to the big day, I have to be ready with all the paper works needed re: PhilHealth and SSS contributions. I still need to have a better understanding about all these especially how and when SSS contributions (including social security disability benefits) are paid coz I never did a voluntary contribution. I don’t wanna end up getting nothing from all the contributions I paid during the past years.


Weight : 134 lbs
Fetus age : 30w 3d
Next check-up : December 19

Photos by Deye

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