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4-way Pull Barbie School Bag

As promised to Deye, I’m getting her a new bag this school year. The cost of the 4-way Pull Barbie Bag that she chose may be as expensive as her Summer Class fee, but a promise is a promise. Aside from its proven and tested quality, Sheriff has been good to me last payday.

4-way Pull Barbie Bag

It has a 5Β  multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility that rotate 360 degrees. 2-wheel side pull for narrow aisles, 5 wheel left-right-upright pull, and forward upright push.


Special features include:

(1) A pouch where you can keep your child’s handy grooming stuff.

(2) Multiple compartments.

Multiple compartments

(3) A tumbler holder. This bag comes with a tumbler by the way.

Tumbler holder

(4) A rain jacket for the bag.

Rain jacket

The bag itself is spacious inside to hold more than 10 notebooks and 10 books, leaving more space for extra stuff. Most of all, it can serve as a chair for your kid while she wait for the school service. I tried sitting on it, and it is still in very good condition.


This school bag costs Php3,699.75.


Truly expensive but worth it. Why did I say so? As I have said we have tested its worth. The below photo was Derelle’s bag since she was in Nursery and used it for 3 consecutive years. In fact, it’s still in good condition and can be used for another 2 years maybe heehee! I told her to use the same old bag until the rainy season completely stops. We’ll see….

Old Barbie bag

Here’s hoping that by the time Ishi goes to school, and that’s next year, the price won’t be as expensive as investing on a jewelry like gold cross.

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