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Advantages of Having a Birth Plan

During Derelle’s time, my eldest, I had no proper birth plan. The only thing I remember doing was preparing my hospital bags as early as 7th month. And before the big day, I wrote the the chosen names on a small piece of paper and even saved them in my husband’s phone.

The day my mother arrived from the Philippines, like a week before I delivered, was also the same day we bought the crib. I guess that’s the disadvantage when both expectant parents are working. And the fact that we were both working abroad limited our time more to get things ready including ourselves.

Now that I have given birth abroad and back home, I can tell the difference. Yes, they differ a lot. Birth plans are not encouraged abroad, at least to my observation. I don’t remember a single word from my OB offering a painless delivery beforehand. While here, as soon as I reached the second trimester, I was asked about the things I wanted like the hospital preference and if I would like to have my husband or anyone to be with me during the delivery.

My first delivery was a lot easier but a little inconvenient. There was no birth plan introduced or mentioned to me in the first place. Since I was a first time mom back then, I also had no idea that birth plans really help. In my personal opinion, having a birth plan doesn’t only make one’s pregnant woman life easier, but it also helps us condition our minds that everything will be fine.

With the help of the birth plan worksheets found online, I was able to make my own list in prep for giving birth to my second child, Erchelle. Allow me to share some of the things I had included on the list months ago (if I am not mistaken, I had this list prepared when I reached the last trimester).

Derrick’s presence during the labor/delivery. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. My husband wasn’t able to make it on time. He works abroad and had to process docs needed for his visa for Philippines that caused the delay of his arrival. Luckily, my mother was around but didn’t have the courage to be with me inside the OR during the birth of Erchelle.

Gadgets to be brought to the hospital. My netbook, digicam and a plug it in Internet connection to keep my husband, relatives and friends posted and of course to keep up with my Facebook games LOL! These things also made my mother awake the whole time I was in active labor haha! FYI, she’s also a Facebook addict! Seriously, having these things with me kept me busy and diverted my mind to something else than feeling the pain. Plus the fact that I am a blogger, I wanted everything documented.

Photo opps during the labor and delivery. Believe me, while the operation was ongoing, I thought of my camera. It was actually left in my room, then I suddenly exclaimed “Doc, nakalimutan ko ang cam ko sa room!” Everyone in the OR laughed about it. I was in pain yet I didn’t completely forget the cam and the pictorial I have requested LOL!

Once admitted in the hospital, I’d like my mother and daughter to be allowed to stay with me at all times. Since my husband couldn’t make it on time of my delivery, I requested my doctor if I could just stay in my private room during the labor with my mom and daughter around. At least with them around, I won’t get bored and make myself more relaxed having my mind diverted to something else.

No to painless delivery! During my prenatal check ups, I have already spoken to my doctor that I don’t need pain relievers like epidural. Strictly no to painless delivery!  If I successfully did it with my eldest, then I could also do it with the 2nd one.

Breastfeeding after birth. I reminded my doctor about it but she didn’t allow me to. I had a CSec and been into active labor for more than 24  hours so she suggested that I should start breastfeeding when I have at least rested for a day.

Feeding schedule I strictly followed the “every 2 hours schedule” while we were still in the hospital and still following it.

24-hour rooming-in with my baby. The moment I woke up, I approached the nurses on duty that I’d like to have my baby in the room.

Checking out of the hospital. I insisted that I check out of the hospital the moment I can walk. At 2 days despite having a CSec, we were discharged from the hospital, both in healthy condition. Though Erchelle came out 3 weeks earlier weighing 5.2lbs, I’m glad she’s in a healthy condition. I am convinced that prenatal vitamins really help.

Having a birth plan may sound OC to other women, but for me it made life at that moment  a lot easier. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I have also brought along with me all the necessary docs/papers I might need while checking out of the hospital i.e. SSS, and PhilHealth filled up forms for claiming benefits. I even brought our marriage certificate and passports with us kept in one folder organizer just in case we’d need it. At least my mom won’t have to struggle finding the papers if/when needed. I have labeled and filed  them nicely.

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. I’m 42 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.


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