Labor Of Love

22nd January 2006 / 13ooh. I could still remember when I screamed “Mommyyyyyyyyyy!” Yes, I was screaming for help. Calling my mother, out loud, it’s time! I didn’t know I was already in labor until I went to the bathroom to pee and saw blood on my undies. That’s when I started screaming to death. Thought I had a miscarriage. Yeah right! Miscarriage on the 40th week bwehehehehe! My mom said have a quick bath. Although I was aware that anytime, I could give birth but not that day. I was actually preparing myself to attend a party heehee! I decided to iron my baby’s stuff along with the party dress that I was supposed to wear that night but… sorry! I did not make it! But I made it to the hospital past 1pm.

It was a sand-stormy freezing weather. Would you believe, I still made it to the main road to wait for a taxi, of course with my mother and husband. We brought my mother here a week before my due date. Rushed to the hospital where I had my prenatal check-ups. Admitted. Checked my contractions. Laid down for 30 minutes only to tell me that I have to move to another Maternity Hospital as they have no available bed. Whatever! So we went there.

Knock! Knock! Anyone? Great! No one was there. We waited. And I saw one lady crying out loud on a wheelchair. I giggled and turned to my mom, I think she’s overacting! Mom said “maghintay ka lang, tawa-tawa ka pa dyan ha!” She was right! As soon as I got admitted, pain started. After 8 hours, I heard the nurse say “she’s still 4cm, it will take time”. I was already crying quietly. Take note it was a dry labor, there was no water bag breaking thing. After an hour, they decided to speed up the pain. I saw them injecting something on my left side, and felt the pain every after 5 minutes interval after that.

At 1am, doctor came. Had an IE, again. I was 9 cm. She told me to push hard if I feel a strong pain. I did! Ummmmmmmm! She said, ok let’s do it. Push hard when I tell you to push…. First push…. Stop! Very good! Second push! Push hard! Don’t stop! Ummmmmmmm! Stop! Whew! I did it! With just 2 good pushes. I gave birth to a baby girl! At exactly 1:24 a.m., 23rd January 2006.

Yes, indeed, it was a labor of love….

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