Yesterday morning, just right after our flooded street gotten clear, I went out to get some food stuff and candles. I was wearing my husband’s old red shirt and my almost torn jogging pants, folded it up to my knees before I grabbed my sling bag. My daughter started questioning me:

Deye: Mama, are you going out?
Me: Yes, going out to get some food stuff.
Deye: Di ka magchange clothes? (Aren’t you going to change your clothes?)
Me: No need. Sa grocery lang ako pupunta. (No need, I’m just going to the grocery.)
Deye: Magchange ka ng clothes, Mama. (Change your clothes, Mama.)
Me: Tapos, magmake-up? (Then what, wear some make-up?)
Deye: Magchange ka naman sana Mama ng maayos na clothes. (At least Mama change to some decent clothes.)

Hahaha! That’s my 5 y/o daughter talking! Here’s some more, while she was complaining yesterday about the no-electricity-days since Tuesday.

Deye: Mama, when will the power be back?
Me: After four days. It’s been 2 days now… so, we have to wait for 2 days more.
Deye: Haaaaaaay! I hope the power comes back soon. I can’t play my songs!

Okay, she’s worried about not hearing her fave songs for days now haha! Kids!

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