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I have checked bathroom fittings around our local market but failed. Most of the items they have are of limited stocks and designs. I think I might consider ordering online. I’ve actually chanced upon and so far they have some of the items that mom & I are looking for.

The only thing now is the payment method. I guess I will also consider applying for a credit card anytime soon. Not sure though as I had a bad experience settling my credit cards 3 years ago. I was a good payer but since I had to leave Bahrain before, I didn’t have any choice but to settle my account with Citibank and Standard Chartered or otherwise I won’t be able to leave the country – cleared. Usually, in other countries they offer a higher credit limit and that’s where I got stuck for sometime. I was still lucky that Citibank agreed that I could pay the balance when I get back to the Philippines, and so “we” did. My ever supportive husband helped me settled the full balance due for that card, and since then I told myself I won’t apply for a credit card anymore, ever. I am not sure how it works here in the Philippines but my worry is what if I need to leave the country again? I don’t wanna go through the same stage again where I have to pay the full amount to get cleared.

So, we’ll see how we are going to pay the bathroom fittings if we decided to purchase it online. =)

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