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Cupid’s Little Helpers

GoodiesCupid’s Little Helpers is an annual outreach programme hosted by Juventus’ School, where my eldest goes. They do this every February just in time for Valentine’s Day, thus the name, Cupid’s Little Helpers. This year, their beneficiary is Little Voices School in Sitio Tubo Tubo, San Antonio, Zambales. It’s a school that provides free education to underprivileged children, particularly the Aetas.

In able to pursue with this  activity, the parents of the learners were requested to pledge goodies like candies, milk and rice and old toys for the beneficiaries. The learners themselves will help the teachers pack the goodies on Valentine’s Day. This is one way of letting our learners know how lucky they are to have a comfortable life. It’s also motivating the kids to let go of the things that they once possessed and loved most like their favorite toy/s.

In our case, when I asked my eldest to choose which from the stuffed toys she is willing to give up, she chose the rug doll and cuddly teddy bear that I have entrusted to her. These two were part of our love story and a lot older than the girls. They were given to me a decade ago. I took care of these like they were my babies and in fact brought them home with me from Bahrain.

When Deye picked them, I had a second thought whether to give them up or not. But if I don’t, how would I teach my daughter the art of sharing and the process of letting go. So there, with no more hesitations, we packed the goodies with these dolls hoping to put a smile on whoever recipient’s face would get it. I just hope and pray that he/she would take care of them the way we did.

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