Spending time in the garden with kids in the summer is wonderful. You can make up silly games, laze around on sun loungers and soak up the warmth of the sun. Kids of all ages love the thrill of burning off energy outside.

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Eating outside brings a whole new dimension to family suppers. Those long family meals in the bright sun are what makes summer special.

Of course, you care about what our garden looks like but you don’t want to spend a fortune or hours on end making it perfect. There are gardening tools you can purchase that will last many years and it will help keep your garden beautiful year after year. After a long winter, all gardens need a splash of color to revive them. Here’s how you can boost the color in any garden, big or small, without spending a fortune. After a long winter, all gardens need a splash of color to revive them. Here’s how you can boost the color in any garden, big or small, without spending a fortune.

Paint your plant pots

Plant pots do not have to be the boring containers that you plonk summer plants in! They can be a source of color in the garden too. Select a few pots that have started to lose color and are looking a little drab. Give them a really good clean up with a pressure washer or with some soapy water and a stiff brush. You need to remove as much of the dirt and mold as you can.

Then give them a couple of coats of a bright multi-surface paint. Now, you can let the kids loose on them. Give the kids some permanent markers and let them make up their own designs. If you want to get really creative you can let them stick on some sparkly gems or googly eyes but you will need to help with the gluing.

I always prefer going for pot colors which are either of the same hue as that of the flowers I am going to pot or at least display a good combination.

I also like keeping different essential oil flower plants in my garden like lavender and rose. Their scent diffuses in the air and makes the environment calm and serene.Keep an essential oils guide, handy before you choose your favorites.

Make your own cushions and table cloths

Tired looking garden furniture can be brought back to life with some funky cushions and a pretty tablecloth. If you make your own, it will cost a fraction of the price.

All you have to do is order some wholesale fabric in a design of your choice but opt for a fabric that is quite hard-wearing. Tablecloths are super easy to make. Just cut the fabric to size and then hem around the edges to prevent it from fraying. If you have a sewing machine you can do this really quickly but you can easily do it by hand as well.

For the cushions, you could use a few different fabric patterns in bright and contrasting colors. Then you need to choose a cushion design, there are hundreds to look at on Pinterest. If this is your first go at sewing, you may want to start off with a simple square cushion. Cut two square pieces of fabric to size. Place one piece face up on the table. Place the second piece face down on the first piece and sew three of the four edges together.  Now turn it inside and get the kids to fill it up with cushion filling or even old clothing. It’s a great use for all those odd socks that families end up with! Finally, sew up the last edge and decorate with buttons.

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