No Show

When I woke up this morning, I had a lighter feeling knowing our new househelp will be there! I waited. 8am, still a no show! Sent her a message and asked her what time was she coming in coz I have errands to finish outside.

Then only she replied saying her 10 y/o doesn’t like the idea of leaving her. Well, the agreement was for the time being. We, have, in fact offered her that she could bring her daughter along with her and stay with us, at least Deye could have a playmate. She happily accepted and even requested if she could start on Wednesday, and that was supposed to be starting this morning.

Giving me the reason that her daughter didn’t like the idea which I understand, I offered her another opp that I’ll pay for her everyday fare from our place to their place back and forth till she finishes school this month. She said okay, I will talk to her again. Told her to miss call me so she won’t have to spend her mobile credit. Half an hour passed, still no miss call. So I called her but her mobile was already switched off.

End of discussion. Now, we have to find another one. What I don’t understand is they come to you coz they needed a job, and if you give them a good offer and treat them right, they do this. At least have the courtesy to say “I won’t be coming”. Oh well! I badly need a househelp at least before the end of this month coz  I have to be at work on the 1st of April, I have committed myself already coz I thought she agreed and accepted the job.


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  1. i feel for you mitch! i’m looking for a househelp too coz i’ll also be working this april. problem with these househelps nowadays they can’t be trusted enough. pag naging masungit ka, aayawan ka. pag mabait ka naman aabusuhin ka. if they don’t like the job, sana di na lang nila tinatanggap so we can look agad for someone else. palagi silang ganyan as in! anyway, good luck sa paghanap mo. i hope makahanap ka na din soon and someone trustworthy talaga.

    annk’s last blog post..Dead Poet’s Society


  2. Sinabi mo pa! Mahirap din sakyan eh no? I don’t have a problem naman kung ayaw nya pero sana nagsabi agad para makahanap hindi yung asang asa ka tapos ganun. Hay!

    Sana makahanap tayo pareho. Goodluck!


  3. Just want to butt-in with your discussion.

    Ms. Mitch were on the same predicament sa paghanap ng matinong kasambahay. A week ago may nakuha na sana ako from Sorsogon, (Bicol Region) 19y/o kaya lang gusto kong paalisin kasi sobrang grabe naman ang pagka “T” as in hindi maka intindi ng tagalog and sobrang pasaway pa. Mag one week pa lang natuklasan ko na super liar, iyak pa ng iyak kc na miss niya daw parents niya. Minsan naman bigla nalalaho…yon pala nag iikot sa village & the worst lumabas ng village at hindi niya na alam pano bumalik. Buti na lang pauwi na yong anak ko from the school at nakita cxa.

    Kung puede nga lang wag na tayong kumuha ng kasambahay gagawin ko na talaga. Grabe…mga abusado na kc alam nila need natin sila.

    Sorry po napahaba na ata comment ko…di ko naman blog to.

    Wish US luck, that we may find a real yaya/housemaid soooooonnnnn..


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