We’ve been househelpless for a week now. Last Monday, our househelp sent me an SMS saying she couldn’t come to work coz she’s not well. May trangkaso daw. The next day, I asked how she was and I guess it was already a hint when she replied “nahihiya ako nag-absent na naman ako, kung gusto mo na akong palitan okay lang”. I said “No, I didn’t mean anything like that, I just wanna know how you were doing. Take your time and rest well, come back when you feel better”, I told her.

My intention was “mangamusta lang” and let her feel our concern. Last night, Friday, I tried to call her. After so many ring/s, someone picked up the call but it wasn’t her. It was her husband. He said “Wala po sya dito umuwi sa Pampanga kanina lang, pinatawag ng nanay nya”. I said “Oh okay po nangangamusta lang ulit, pero magaling na po ba sya? Pakisabi na lang po tumawag kami.”

But I felt something. I felt she was there and not in Pampanga. It was just maybe an excuse so I won’t talk to her. This morning she messaged me explaining that her mobile phone wasn’t working and that the simcard she was using (which I also called) was inserted in another mobile phone. Then came another text message, still from her saying “pinapauwi na po ako ng nanay ko sa Pampanga kasi wala daw sya kasama (she’s a 43 y/o family woman to think)”. Before I even read the full message, I knew what was next “di na po ako makakapasok ulit, salamat sa lahat”.

I understand. She also got priorities but my point was she could’ve at least told me beforehand. No need to give lame excuses and I will definitely let her go. By doing so, I will have enough time to find a replacement, especially now that I have a job offer, which I don’t wanna pass. Otherwise, without a househelp/nanny, I won’t be able to have it. I, obviously, will turn the job down. My mom of course cannot handle two kids (a preschooler and an infant) at the same time if she also has to do house chores, plus construction is going on here in the house.

She lied! I’m sure of that… *sigh* Solution (not sure if it is) is to find someone to replace her coming from Visayas/Mindanao. Then maybe she won’t run away that easy. Now I need to check if things are missing in the house. I hope there’s none.

Mitch Carvalho

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