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On medication: Adenomyosis and Ovarian Cyst

Beginning May of last year, I have been feeling pain each time I get my period but I just ignored. At around August, I have experienced a heavy flow of brown vaginal discharge but that didn’t bother me, yet. I thought it was just another sign that I was getting my period. October came, my menstrual period became irregular. I would sometimes get my period just 20 days after the previous cycle. This experience repeated in December but I thought it was due to the birth control pills that I started taking in prep of my husband’s arrival this month.

Since I got my period on the 16th, I expected my next period on the 12th, 28 days after if I had to pattern it to my regular cycle. It did not happen. I only got it on the 18th that lasted for only 3 days, which isn’t normal coz it would normally lasts for about a week or less. That’s what I thought.

15th of this month was our first sexual intercourse after a year, thus, the bleeding did not bother me. I, again, thought it was normal. I had this impression that when you didn’t have contact for such time, it’s but normal to bleed. When in fact, the bleeding that I have been experiencing  after each sexual intercourse beginning that day was actually still a part of my menstruation, that would only stop for hours. Until last Saturday, I again experienced a heavy flow of menstruation. So imagine how much amount of blood I have lost since 15 days ago.

That made me decide to finally see a doctor. She first examined me to see if there’s a growth of uterine polyp but there was none so I went through a trans-vaginal ultrasound that same hour. Findings were adenomyosis and cyst (.3 smaller than my left ovary) in my left ovary .

Symptoms of Adenomyosis which I have also felt:

Long-term or heavy menstrual bleeding
Painful menstruation, which gets increasing worse
Pelvic pain during intercourse

Bleeding after sexual intercourse is another story that somehow connects to Endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus.

I was prescribed to take Dydrogesterone, Php45 each pill, to be taken 2x a day for 15 days without fail otherwise I might bleed again, Hemostan, Php25 each capsule, to be taken once a day for 10 days and some pain reliever in case the pain gets worse. With the medicines given to me, bleeding should stop in 5 days, otherwise, I need to go for another check-up. I was also given 2 days to rest.


In the case of my ovarian cyst, it will be monitored until next month, as it should be resolved by the time my menstrual period gets back to its normal cycle.

I just hope everything gets back to normal in no time without any complication. I could now have the peace of mind back that I have lost for so many months.


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