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SAHM Errands : PhilHealth & SSS

Today, I asked my mom to drop Deye to school as I need to do some errands. No more delays, by hook or by crook!

I first went to Smart Office to pay for my cellphone  and Internet bill. So lucky that there was no queue. I think I finished my transaction in less than 15 mins. From there I went straight to PhilHealth and verified my membership. Sure my name exists but there was no assigned ID number as yet. I was told to submit photocopies of two valid IDs first and fill up M1-b form at least on or before December 24, then pay my contribution amounting to P500 (Aug till Dec 2009). According to the lady (in the 2nd floor), I’d get P6,500 for normal delivery and P1,000 for newborn screening. Sayang din yun!

Then went across where SSS office is situated. I first asked the guard “Diretso na po ba sa verification? Walang pila?” The guard whom I asked was busy talking to his colleague just nodded, so I assumed “yes” was his answer. I sat on the vacant chair and asked the lady seated next to me to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time “bakit wala pong pila?” She said “May number dun sa guard”. I went back to the entrance and told the guard “Sabi mo manong diretso na? May number pala?” He answered in a harsh voice “Di ka naman nagtanong”, I got annoyed and answered him back “Nagtanong ako kaso busy ka kasing makipagdaldalan dyan sa kasama mo!”

Finally, when it was my turn, I showed the piece of paper where my SSS ID was written (unfortunately, I don’t have a computerized ID as yet and the old school SSS ID I had before is nowhere to be found) and found out that my name was still my maiden name! All the while I thought when I was employed from my recent job, change of name had already been submitted coz I remember filling up a form for that. For now, I need to submit E4 form for this then settle the dues I opted for voluntary category. I just hope there won’t be any problem with the names coz the name I’ve registered for my maternity notification was my married name already.

Lesson learned : Always do your homework and never rely/depend on anyone even the company’s HR that you are working/worked for.

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