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Surgery in L. A.

Can you remember the day when I blogged about my friend’s colleague who was considering a plastic surgery? No, she has not done anything yet. Nor even decided. And that has been a month ago already. Tsk tsk tsk! Women!

Anyway, they approached me once again and promised to help her find more surgery sources online. Since she’s still interested to have it done in the US, I’ve searched for Los Angeles plastic surgery online. Honestly, I have no idea how surgeries are done! And I don’t think I would be open to this idea even if I can afford to have one. But you know what caught me when I clicked their website? Breast Augmentation. Hahaha! Please don’t ask me why, you know the answer… I won’t do it. Just want to make myself aware of the latest miracles that could happens to us. Errrr! I mean the technology! 😉

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  • reyna elena

    WHY IN THE WORLD DID I FORGET YOU!!! hahaha! sori ateng! sori sori sori! Plug na lang kita! dami kong pinasalamanta taz naiwa kita!! wag mo kong ipapakulammmmm!!! Apologiess!! hahaha!!

    Huh? Pasalamat saan?


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