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Understanding the female brain via evolution

Women do not understand men. Men do not understand women. There is not a high school class on this one: most people gradually come to understand the opposite sex slowly, through experience, trial, and error – lots and lots of error. Wouldn’t it be nice if both men and women had the same way of thinking, talking, and relating to each other? The fact is, men and women never have – and never will – act and think the same way. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, our differences are what got us here today as a species.

It took us humans literally millions of years to evolve into the creatures we are. For thousands and thousands of years, humans lived in small hunter-gatherer groups. The evolutionary process made humans with characteristics that aided in survival survive long enough to have children, who in turn passed on these characteristics to their children. Humans born weak, sickly, or crippled could not survive long enough to pass on their genes. Likewise, men and women that did not want to or could not reproduce, did not, so their traits died with them. Men and women who did want to reproduce had sex, then children, thus passing on their ardor. This explains our sex drives. Imagine if these hunter-gatherers had had the opportunity to buy priligy!

In these small groups of hunter-gatherers, the most desirable males were the leaders – strong men who could protect and provide for a female while she raised their child. The most desirable women, in turn, were the ones who gave the men the great possibility of passing on their genes and delivering a healthy baby – women who were young, healthy, and fertile. It is no different in today’s world, and this helps explain why girls often flock to politicians, athletes, and rock stars.

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