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It’s tag-tagan day today! Thanks Kimmy!

Are you sure you wanna know some of the 15 weird things about me? Okay…

1. When I eat watermelon, I sprinkle ground black pepper on them.

2. I still have my own pillow, and it has to have that certain smell! Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

3. I don’t like the feeling when I step on smooth surfaces like tiled floors or wood parquet.

4. I don’t like anything mixed with nuts may it be a cake or an ice cream. But I could finish a pack of Nagaraya in one sitting. 😉

5. I hate the after taste of garlic in garlic fried rice, but when I eat sinangag na mani (fried nuts), I dig for the garlic first and eat them.

6. I don’t like using blue inked pen. And it has to have a fine point.

7. I can work better with the music on.

8. I dip green apple in vinegar or salt.

9. I sometimes wear my shirts at night the wrong side. Or I’d simply remove the shirt tags. I just feel uncomfortable with them on.

10. I always carry a safety pin in my bag, just in case, you know….

11. The first thing I do in the morning as soon as I get up from bed is look in the mirror.

12. I only eat the white part of a boiled egg.

13. I don’t eat the white part of a sunny side up.

14. I’m not fond of eating apple but I love apple juice hehehe!

15. I don’t eat raisins when mixed in cakes or pastries. When I do, it has to be Sunmaid.

Let’s see what Arlene, Jengkie and Scrooch have got to share….

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